U. S. Textures, Inc. 100% Acrylic Interior Wall & Ceiling Coatings








U.S. Textures, Inc. hereby warrants to the building owner that SUPREME-TEX® will not delaminate, peel, crack, chalk, mold, or mildew for a period of (5) five years from the start of installation provided all of the following conditions have been met:


1.  SUPREME-TEX® was installed in accordance with U.S. Textures, Inc. published specifications and recommendations.


2.  SUPREME-TEX® was installed on properly prepared substrates of unpainted gypsum board, concrete, masonry, wood or primed/painted surfaces where existing surface coating is of good quality, sound, dry, firmly adhered latex acrylic or alkyd coatings and in accordance with SUPREME-TEX® printed specifications.


3.  The entire SUPREME-TEX® installation must have been performed by, or under the direct supervision of a U.S. Textures, Inc. certified installer whose certification had not expired as of the Completion Date of the installation.


4.  The substrate upon which the SUPREME-TEX® was installed was sound, dry, and vapor porous* for a period of time beginning ten days prior to installation and continuing thereafter. Wetting of the substrate by any means including but not limited to roof leaks, wall leaks, pipe leaks or condensation specifically voids this warranty for the areas affected.


5.  This warranty for mold and mildew applies only where organisms are growing directly upon the SUPREME-TEX® surface. Areas where SUPREME-TEX® has been coated or spilled upon with organic substances which provide nutrition for the organisms or insulates the organisms from contacting the SUPREME-TEX® surface (such as paint, gypsum compound, food, soft drinks, etc.) the warranty does not apply.


6.  The Owner, Manager, or other person of authority at the warranted property must provide U.S. Textures, Inc. with written notice of any defects within 30 days of the discovery thereof. The Owner, Manager, or other person of authority at the warranted property must notify U.S. Textures, Inc. in writing of any material failure within 60 days of the apparent visibility thereof. Upon request by U.S. Textures, Inc., the person of authority at the warranted property must submit to U.S. Textures, Inc. a sample of at least one square foot of the affected wall area for laboratory evaluation prior to any warranty decision by U.S. Textures, Inc.


7.  All outstanding U.S. Textures, Inc. invoices for materials purchased must have been paid in full.


8.  Any repainting or recoating of the SUPREME-TEX® coating shall be executed only with U.S. Textures, Inc. materials.

Should SUPREME-TEX® delaminate, peel, crack, or chalk under normal use within the warranty period U.S. Textures, Inc. will supply at no charge sufficient materials for replacement of the failed materials* only.  Should SUPREME-TEX® mold or mildew and the conditions herein have been me, U.S. Textures, Inc. will replace at no cost to the property owners all materials that have failed within the (5) five year warranty period.  U.S. Textures, Inc. will replace SUPREME-TEX® material with new SUPREME-TEX® only. Labor for installation of replaced material will not be included.


The foregoing is the extent and limit of U.S. Textures, Inc. liability and is not responsible for any consequential damages.  U.S. Textures, Inc. specifically disclaims any other warranties whether expressed, implied, or verbal.


Vapor Porous is the condition that allows water vapor to evaporate through a substance.  If the substrate upon which Supreme-Tex® has been applied has a “Perm Rate” of 8.00 or less as determined by testing method ASTM-1653A this Warranty is void for such areas.  Generally this means a substrate that is sealed with paint or vinyl sheets or has tile or other nonporous finish under the Supreme-Tex® does not comply with this warranty.


Material Failure is defined as follows:

a.                  There must be at least five (5) spots of colonies of mold (mold and mildew are synonymous terms as used herein) organisms within a one square foot area which are visible to the unaided human eye from a distance of at least three feet.

b.                 At least five (5) square feet or 1% of the total area whichever is greater of one wall, ceiling, or surface (corner to corner) must contain colonies or spots as defined in A* above in order to qualify for replacement materials for the entire area corner to corner.