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SupremeTex Textured Paints for the Hospitality Industry    

In need of quality textured paint for your hotel,motel walls? Tired of having to pay painting contractors to come out and re-paint your hotel every few years? With more than 20 years of experience, U.S. Textures, Inc. offers the original
Supreme-Tex® textured paint for the hospitality industry. We can also quote on installations and "how to" training.

Supreme-Tex® Textured Paints
U.S. Textures manufactures Supreme-Tex® 100% acrylic textured paint. This has been formulated as a two-coat product for use over interior plaster and drywall surfaces. The outstanding combination of pigments and resin has yielded excellent results on jobs where good scrub resistance and economy are of prime importance. U.S. Textures, Inc. warrants that Mold or Mildew will not grow on the surface of Supreme-Tex® when properly applied for a period of FIVE YEARS from the start of installation, provided all warranty conditions have been met. For full details of our five year warranty, please click here.

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We pride ourselves in always providing quality products, personalized customer service, and competitive prices you can afford. Feel free to contact us, or stop by to find out more.

Supreme-Tex Textured Paints for the Hospitality Industry

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